Why create a Customer Reference Program?

Because peer-level advice drives today’s decision making

Your clients and prospects are becoming more interconnected every day. And this trend is only going to accelerate. Unlike just a few years ago, disconnecting from the chatter is now much more of a challenge than finding an Internet connection.

This means communication is instant. Gaining industry advice and opinions from respected online influencers happens at the speed of a few mouse clicks. But this doesn’t have to be alarming.

Instead, you can turn it into marketing gold. You can do it by creating a surplus of highly-satisfied customers who are willing to be loyal advocates for your company.

A robust customer reference program designed and implemented by VMDnet will:

Drastically reduce the time your sales executives spend chasing down references
Turn customer reference into a unified and highly-cohesive program
Pinpoint your strongest source of references while minimizing less productive ones
Close gaps in references for specific industries/products and geographic areas
Speed up sales cycle closings, which increases your number of wins

The most powerful selling tool you have is the voice of a satisfied customer.

VMDnet will turn these voices into a unified force that delivers significant results.

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