VMDnet is a strategic video and customer reference company with a sharp focus on digital content. We produce exceptional high-end videos for video case studies, keynotes, web sites and tradeshow loops. Through the compelling power of our video expertise, we engage, motivate and move people into action. And we’re good at it!


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Marketing is storytelling.

— Seth Godin —


Customer Reference Messaging


The power of reference is undeniable—and unavoidable!

There’s no getting around it. Now more than ever, we live in a customer reference-driven world. And VMDnet understands this.

Face it. In our online world people are talking about your company, your products and your services. And when we say people—we mean thousands of them. Maybe even hundreds of thousands of them. They do it through online…

Online community forms
Social media platforms
Client review sites
YouTube videos
And the list goes on!

Why create a Customer Reference Program?

Because peer-level advice drives today’s decision making

Your clients and prospects are becoming more interconnected every day. And this trend is only going to accelerate. Unlike just a few years ago, disconnecting from the chatter is now much more of a challenge than finding an Internet connection.

This means communication is instant. Gaining industry advice and opinions from respected online influencers happens at the speed of a few mouse clicks. But this doesn’t have to be alarming.

Instead, you can turn it into marketing gold. You can do it by creating a surplus of highly-satisfied customers who are willing to be loyal advocates for your company.

A robust customer reference program designed and implemented by VMDnet will:

Drastically reduce the time your sales executives spend chasing down references
Turn customer reference into a unified and highly-cohesive program
Pinpoint your strongest source of references while minimizing less productive ones
Close gaps in references for specific industries/products and geographic areas
Speed up sales cycle closings, which increases your number of wins

The most powerful selling tool you have is the voice of a satisfied customer.

VMDnet will turn these voices into a unified force that delivers significant results.

What sets us apart is our proven ability to create videos that generate measurable results that bring exceptional value to your marketing process.

— Mike Crum, CEO —

Why VMDnet


Innovative technology that generates substantial results

VMDnet is pretty picky. We insist on using only the most innovative video technology available. Why? Because it means we’re able to keep our production processes agile, sleek and dynamic. The result is stunning visual marketing content that breathes unstoppable energy and excitement into your marketing channels. We partner with you to create compelling marketing strategies, and then make them come alive with vibrant video content that utilizes:


  • Ultra HD (4k) & HD Video Acquisition. Use the highest quality video available.
  • Innovative Photography & Videography. Get the perfect image where ever you want.
  • Stabilized Camera System. Capture unique images in hard-to-film places.
  • Advanced Lighting. Create memorable images with ambient lighting anywhere in the world.
  • Aerial Drone Photography. Enjoy a bird’s eye view that delivers an unforgettable perspective.
  • Universal High Quality Sound Capture. Record using high performance microphones.


By combining expert strategies with the most advanced video techniques, VMDnet engages and motivates your clients—while helping you meet or soar beyond your strategic objectives.


We leverage our extensive talent to create videos that deliver the exact results you need. Whether your focus is on testimonials, training, internal communications or generating more leads and sales, we apply our proven expertise to everything we do.

Customer Success videos

Employee training videos

Keynote videos

Tradeshow loops

Product demo videos

We are global because the needs of our clients are not constrained to the continental U.S.

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Stacey Hodge, Director of Client Services / Producer
Phone: 281-732-1673


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